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Cabasse ABYSS
Cabasse ABYSS

Cabasse ABYSS

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Cabasse ABYSS  - Wireless Hi-fi stereo amplifier

Cabasse - Thương hiệu loa Hiend Pháp với lịch sử hơn 70 năm, luôn hướng tới sự tái tạo âm thanh một cách chính xác, không bị biến tấu, méo hài hay nhiễm màu âm, có thể lột tả hết được tình cảm của tác phẩm âm nhạc gốc.
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ABYSS, a connected stereo Hi-fi amplifier for total immersion in a high-resolution sound!

This stereo amplifier, which takes its name from the maritime universe dear to Cabasse, illustrates the mystery of the unexplored depths and contains the latest algorithmic innovations on board, magnifying the sound of the speakers, and in particular the brand’s traditional highend speakers. ABYSS is a Hi-fi amplifier that integrates the best Cabasse acoustic innovation technologies and the amplification technologies used in THE PEARL PELEGRINA, the brand’s connected flagship for customised sound.


ABYSS, ideal for Hi-Fi and TV and connected to the Cabasse Multi-room ecosystem !

ABYSS allows you to listen to all your sources and music platforms in stereo and also integrates a TV socket, so you can experience every movie with incredible dynamics. The system is also inter-compatible with all other Cabasse connected systems for high-end sound throughout the home. Each user can group different systems and create zones to listen to all sources (Streaming, TV, Turntable etc..).

A sleek and stylish design with an intuitive LCD colour control screen

Available in a satin black aluminium finish, ABYSS is a compact stereo amplifier that fits into any interior. The front panel is equipped with an integrated touch-sensitive, upgradeable controller: a beautiful colour LCD video touchscreen with a volume control ring that allows you to easily change sources, add or change your favourite radio stations and adjust the volume. It also displays the album covers of the albums being played. Its interface will evolve with the system, as will the application.


Class D stereo amplifier

Amplification x2


2 x 215 W @ 4 Ohms
2 X 120 W @ 8 Ohms


Ethernet – Wi-Fi – Bluetooth – Optique SPDIF – Analog RCA – USB –TV plug – Output Sub plug headphones in front.

Supported formats

 MP3 – AAC -WMA – AIFF – FLAC – ALAC Ogg- Vorbis – DSD 64/128 – WMA lossless

  • DFE: Dynamic Fidelity Enhancer
  • DEAP : Digital Enhancement of Acoustical Performances
  • High Resolution Multi room
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