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Loa Dynaudio Focus 50
Loa Dynaudio Focus 50

Loa Dynaudio Focus 50

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Dynaudio là thương hiệu âm thanh chuyên sản xuất các dòng loa hi-end/hi-fi chất lượng cao hàng đầu thế giới, được thành lập vào năm 1977, tại Skanderborg - Đan Mạch bởi Wilfried Ehrenholz. Triết lý thiết kế của hãng là tập trung tạo ra âm thanh tốt nhất có thể, cho trải nghiệm âm nhạc chuẩn xác, chân thật và tinh khiết trong hiệu suất tối ưu. Sản phẩm loa cao cấp của Dynaudio luôn thể hiện tính sáng tạo trong kỹ thuật, ứng dụng khoa học công nghệ tiên tiến, nhưng đảm bảo giá thành hợp lý dựa trên chất lượng sản phẩm và giá trị sử dụng lâu dài.
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Focus 50

Perhaps the world’s most advanced active wireless hi-fi system

Focus 50 is the pinnacle of wireless hi-fi. All the convenience of a consumer speaker system with all the heavyweight credentials of our most prestigious hi-fi speakers.

Focus 50 is an active wireless stereo speaker system brimming with connectivity. If you want to fill your room with true audiophile performance without also filling it with cables, boxes and racks, this one is for you.

Connect over the air via Apple AirPlay 2 from your MacBook, iPad or iPhone; with Google Chromecast from your Android phone, tablet or Chromebook; using Spotify Connect or Tidal Connect from… well, anything with Spotify or Tidal on it. Hook up with Roon; stream via Bluetooth. You can even connect your physical digital sources via coaxial or optical digital inputs, your analogue ones (including turntables, 8-track machines and Edison Concert Phonographs) via line-in or a compatible adaptor, and your networked devices via Ethernet or Wi-Fi.

What does that mean? Effectively, that if it’s been released as a recording, you can listen to it. All of it. And hi-res heaven is only a smartphone swipe away.


Focus 50 is designed for living rooms, not sterile listening caves. It’s built for those who want to share amazing sound with their loved ones (invite them over and get them connected… but good luck getting them to leave again). That’s why we’ve also built-in WiSA streaming. Focus 50 can connect wirelessly to your TV (and therefore anything else connected to it) and take the place of a hulking AV receiver/cable tangle/equipment stand combination. The only downside? Your cat won’t be able to warm itself on the amp any more…

Simple set-up, powerful performance

We’d be amazed if it took you longer than five minutes to go from unboxing to listening. Just plug the speakers into the mains, launch the accompanying Dynaudio app, follow the guided set-up instructions (which gets you connected to your network and helps you optimise your speakers), and that’s it.

Focus 50 only needs two cables: one for each power plug. That’s because its amplifiers are built in. And not just one amplifier per speaker either – each individual driver has its own amp, specifically tuned and optimised to work with that exact unit. No compromising with one-size-fits-nothing amplification, no hassle with component matching, no cables gathering dust. It’s a tailored system.

Each speaker has three class-D amplifiers on board: one 110W unit for the Cerotar tweeter, a 280W amp for the neodymium midrange driver, and one 280W amp for the twin Esotec+ bass drivers (which are driven in parallel). They all come from our partners at Pascal in Copenhagen – the same company we’ve worked with to create the power plants for our mighty Core professional studio systems. Peak power, you ask? A whopping 1000W. The Focus 50s – and your ears – are in good hands.

All that power is marshalled by sophisticated DSP (digital signal processing) technology – the same type we use in our Core and LYD pro ranges. During set-up in the app, tell the speakers where they are in the room (near a wall, in a corner or in free space) and they’ll optimise their performance for that position. And if you (or an installer) want to take calibration to the next level, there’s optional Dirac Live tech for total customisation.


We’ve even included custom EQ presets that take into account whether or not the magnetic grille is installed… and you don’t have to do anything to activate them (besides installing said grille, of course). Auto-sensing technology in the speaker understands when the grille is on or off – and the ‘Y’-shaped light briefly glows blue to let you know that it knows. Ingenious.

And to prevent speaker damage at high volumes, we’ve designed a custom sliding high-pass filter that reduces woofer excursion as the level goes up. (Although your neighbours will probably be banging on the wall long before that happens.)

Traditional Dynaudio expertise

We’re always excited to be able to use new flagship hardware across our range. Focus 50 draws heavily from techniques and technologies used in our high-end Contour and Confidence passive hi-fi families.

For example, the soft-dome Cerotar tweeter uses the Confidence’s Hexis inner dome. It’s a clever extra part that sits just behind the playing surface to optimise airflow and minimise unwanted resonances. Sitting behind it is a strontium carbonate Ferrite+ magnet system to maximise sensitivity. In English, that means sweeter, clearer treble, which is easier to listen to for much longer.

Complementing the tweeter is a dedicated midrange driver (the only one in the Focus range), derived from the award-winning Contour 60. It’s a 15cm unit with a powerful neodymium magnet, a glass-fibre voice-coil former and a trademark Dynaudio aluminium voice-coil. This fleet-footed unit uses lightweight magnet and coil materials to give it more agility while maintaining a tight grip on midrange frequencies. And for you, that means Contour-level performance.


Handling the bottom end is a pair of 18cm Esotec+ woofers. They use trickle-down tech from both Confidence and Contour to deliver tight, powerful bass. Unlike other Focus models, however, there’s a copper voice-coil sitting inside the Ferrite+ magnet. That’s because, as a pure bass driver, this driver doesn’t need to reproduce agile midrange tones – and so can have more moving mass. Power and control are front and centre.

Designed for life

No gimmicks, no nonsense – just clean, stylish Danish design and craftsmanship. From the anodised brushed aluminium cover rings around the drivers, to the subtle Dynaudio logo atop the speaker grille, and the gently glowing light (which changes colour to let you know what the speaker is doing) we’ve made sure Focus 50 looks the part when sitting in a real living space.

Run your fingers over the beautiful open-grained Blonde Wood and Walnut Wood finishes, or marvel at the glassy High Gloss Black and High Gloss White lacquer. Take in the shape of the gently tapered cabinet. Even the backplate has been given special treatment.

Focus 50 is the ultimate premium wireless hi-fi system. True audiophile quality with all the benefits of modern digital streaming technology. It’s time to listen to something new…


Status Current
Segment Home
Series Focus
Type Floorstand
Analog inputs (Primary) 2x RCA
Digital inputs (Primary) 1x Toslink, 1x RCA
Analog outputs (Primary) 1x Sub RCA, 1x Trigger
Digital outputs (Primary) 1x RCA (to Client)
Digital inputs (Client) 1x RCA (from Primary)
Wireless inter-speaker connection WiSA (Up to 24-bit/96kHz)
Wired inter-speaker connection RCA (24-bit/192kHz)
Network Wi-Fi, Ethernet
Bluetooth 4.2
Streaming Roon, Airplay2, Chromecast, Tidal Connect, Spotify Connect, Qplay, UPnP
Amplifier Power Woofer (W) 280
Amplifier Power midrange (W) 280
Amplifier Power Tweeter (W) 110
AC Power Input 100-240V 50/60Hz
Max Stand-by Power Consumption (W) 2
Max Power Consumption (W) 280
Lower Cutoff (Hz @85 dB +/- 3 dB) 20
Upper Cutoff (kHz @ 85dB +/- 3 dB) 22
Lower Cutoff (dynamic) (Hz @ -6 dB) 18
Upper Cutoff (dynamic) (kHz @ -6 dB) 36
Box Principle Sealed
Crossover 3-way DSP-based
Crossover Frequency (Hz) 390/4700 Hz
Tweeter 28mm Cerotar soft dome with Hexis
Midrange 15 cm MSP
Woofer 2x 18 cm MSP
Weight kg 33.5
Weight lbs 73.9
Width mm 215
Height mm 1140
Depth mm 305
Width inches 8 4/8
Height inches 44 7/8
Depth inches 12
Finishes Black High Gloss, White High Gloss, Blonde Wood, Walnut Wood
Grille Black magnetic Smart Grille plus auto-sensing EQ
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