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Mission ZX-12 Sub
Mission ZX-12 Sub

Mission ZX-12 Sub

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Mission là hãng loa Anh Quốc có lịch sử lâu đời. Kể từ khi thành lập vào ngày 7 tháng 7 năm 1977, Mission luôn đi cùng con số 7 may mắn này với những dòng sản phẩm loa chất lượng cao có thiết kế ấn tượng và mang đậm nét Hi-Fi Anh Quốc.
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Mission ZX-12 Sub

ZX là dòng sản phẩm mới nhất của thương hiệu loa danh tiếng lâu đời Anh Quốc – Mission. Đạt nhiều giải thưởng bình chọn uy tín, ZX chính là đại diện cho thế hệ loa chứa đựng công nghệ tiên tiến nhất của Mission từ trước tới nay, với những đặc trưng riêng làm nên sự hòa quyện hoàn hảo giữa kỹ thuật và nghệ thuật.




Perfect for a ZX Series home-theatre system or musical bass extension in 2-channel applications, the ZX-12 SUB utilises a 12-inch (300mm) long throw bass driver of astounding bass impact. Based on the same award-winning system found in the best-selling QX-12 SUB, the ZX-12 SUB offers a premium high-gloss paint finish to perfectly match the aesthetics of the stunning ZX Series loudspeakers.

The sealed box design provides fast and intensive bass response, while the employment of a custom designed balanced drive Class-D power amplifier further provides power and speed that is usually unheard of in subwoofers of this price-class.

In addition, a variable crossover frequency control provides seamless integration into any system, offering incredible low-frequency punch, power and substance for all of your music and movies applications.


High Power Amplifier
The built-in amplifier is optimized for high impact at low frequencies. The fast response and high-power performance is perfect for movies or music.

No-Presses Paper Cones
A specially engineered 12” paper cone with increased self-damping properties offers an increased structural rigidity of the cone itself for a fuller performance and massive bass impact.




Copper Lined Vents
Reduce the magnetic distortion and also offers improved heat dissipation, letting the ZX-12 SUB rumble for hours but remain cool.

Low Pass Filter Slope
Continuously adjustable from 35Hz to 120Hz (@33dB) for seamless acoustic integration with your speaker’s performance.

High Sensitivity & Versatility
Low level inputs, output connections and a dedicated LFE input are provided. Additionally, the auto power sensor is sensitive enough to detect incoming signals of extremely low level for automatic activation of the subwoofer when required.


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Drive Units 1 x (12") 300 mm cone long-throw
Frequency Response 35- 120 Hz (+-±3dB)
Amplifier Power Output 300 W
Peak Power Output 450 W
Line Input Sensitivity 200mV for maximum output
Crossover Range 30 - 150 Hz
Inputs Stereo line in (2 x RCA phono)
  Mono (LFE) line in (RCA phono)
Input Impedance Line input 10 k
  LFE 5 kOhms
Signal-to-noise Ratio (s/n) ≥ 85 dB
Avg. Max Output @1m 118 dB
Features Phase inversion, auto on-off
Dimensions Height: (420+58) mm (with feet)
  Width: 400 mm
  Depth: (450+15) mm
Net Weight 23 kg
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