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Jenving Technology– Đặt nền móng cho khái niệm về dây dẫn trong lĩnh vực hi-fi audio với thương hiệu Supra Cables từ hơn 40 năm trước. Với Supra Cables, bạn không phải tốn một xu nào cho những thiết kế hay công nghệ vô nghĩa. Với Supra Cables, bạn đang đầu tư vào dây dẫn audio với một giá trị đích thực.
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LoRad 2.5 SPC CS-US (110V - 15A)

Silver plated, shielded cord set comprising Supra LoRad SPC 3 x 2.5 mm2 cable, Supra SWF10 female connector (IEC-320) and Supra SW-US male plug. Current rating 15 Ampere continuously. US/Canadian standards. Fits our US Standards LoRad mains power distribution blocks rated 15 Ampere.

Supra LoRad SPC - Silver Plated Mains Flex with natures most effective conductor

Supra LoRad SPC (LoRadiation, Silver Plated Copper) is a speaker cable we are proud to announce as one of our 40TH Anniversary offer. Unleash the electrical power by natures best conductor, Silver. All Supra's design features remains the same with class-leading shielding and immunity from harmful and sonically malignant fields such as RFI, magnetic and electrical alternating fields as well as low adjacent area alternating field impact.

The cord sets are delivered pre-connected using Supra's finest LoRad 24K Gold Plated Connectors for both 10 and 16 ampere applikations (refer to our Mains Blocks available in 10 and 16 ampere versions) and with both straight and angled Schuko wall jack. Further, the silver plated LoRad cabel is available on bobbin (Cord set is recommended by Supra Cables due to hazardous voltage levels, unless sufficient level of electrical know-how is achieved). Most markets are covered.

N.B. The power cord must be connected to a wall socket offering ground (earth) potential to give the full LoRad effect.

Features and benefits

  • SPC - Silver plated copper, one of natures most powerful electrical conductor there is

  • LoRad stands for loradiation of electric and magnetic alternating fields, keeping you and your family free from harmful influence

  • The shield protects your equipment from radiating mains, RF pick-up and allows you to enjoy your hi-fi set or TV's full potential

  • Short pitch twisting of the lead cores cancels the magnetic alternating fields and will not infect adjacent interconnects with noise feedback

  • LoRad conceptual shielded design will result in a cleaner sound, better picture and a more healthy home and working invironment with low levels of harmful fields

  • Unbeatable price-performance ratio

  • Made in Sweden!


Disclaimer - Hazardous voltage!

Every now and then we hear about creative alternative ways to arrange an earth connection if the wall socket does not provide one. There is especially one we would like to highlight as particularly hazardous and we hope this statement does not serve as yet another creative way. Occasionally the water heat radiators have been connected to the hi-fi gear cabinets or to a mains distribution block earth contact plate. This works normally from the electrical point of view. Until the following happens; one of the devices become faulty and the cabinet becomes energized with wall socket mains voltage. The water radiator system may not be properly grounded to earth potential. Now, this means that there might not be a large enough fault current through the water pipes to blow the fuse, thus disconnecting the fualty device. Further it means that most of the pipings and radiators are energized with wall socket mains voltage. If this is in an apartment house, every neighbour tenant has potentially lethal voltage in their radiators. It will not show. Until e.g. small children touches the radiator. We strongly discourages from the above or any other way to arrange a ground connection other than according to the national/federal laws and regulations for electrical safety in the US and Canada, and we disclaim any pleas, either for direct or for consequential damages to property or personal injuries/fatalities as a result of improper use of the cord set. We do not endorse any altering of the cable or its connectors, neither do we endorse do-it-yourself manufacturing of Supra cord sets, unless it is performed by person/s meeting the required qualifications, holding the proper license, to work with hazardous voltage levels according to US or Canadian law and regulations. The above disclaimer is also valid for any other area in the world where US, Canadian Standards is used and do not limit the warrant to US and Canada but also incorporates the local laws also outside US and Canada, wherever US and Canadian Standards electrical equipment may be used.


Cord set technical data



Grounded and shielded mains power cord set for devices offering detachable cord for replacement



North American Standard, i.e. USA and Canada



SW-US ► SWF-10s; 24K gold plated


Nominal (maximal) voltage

110 (250)


Sine wave frequency



Maximal continuous current

15 (@ 110V)


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